This Waypoint on the Journey

Here’s a brief description of the process that delivered me to this place in the Weblog universe. I retired from Jacobs Engineering Group at the end of 2013. I spent the next year or so completing the reconditioning of the 1988 Marine Trader trawler we bought in 2007. In 2015, I started a marine sales and service business, Whartonboats LLC, to develop, sell and service a vessel status monitoring system. Development was a success – sales, not so. Whartonboats LLC is history.

A few months ago, bad news came from the original website host for, which was, “We are quitting the business – move your domain registration – we suggest GoDaddy.” That turned out well. I decided to host the site on our own server, at least for the limited traffic I anticipate at first. So the site is working – should the site not be available for you, please try again later – the server is not up 100% of the time yet.

To be continued ….

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